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Component Voting

Vote on what components you'd like to see added to our roadmap in October*

*New components are released on the first Monday of each month. The top voted item on the voting board will be added to our roadmap for future monthly releases. All votes will be reset for each month to keep requests more relevant.

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More UI Elements

Extending the selection of UI Elements with items such as form elements including radio buttons, checkboxes and tags.


Multi Step Forms

Multi step forms allowing users to enter information one step at a time.


Rename components before copying

Speed up the process of naming your components by changing their name before you copy and paste them into your project.


Alerts and Notifications

Notification modals used for cookie consents, newsletter sign ups or web app notifications.


Store Navbars

Navbars for ecommerce stores that include carts and checkout buttons.


More Uncommon Components

Extending on our selection of 'Uncommon' components that involve more sophisticated layouts and Webflow interactions.

Coming October 2

Dark Mode

Dark mode version of Relume Library components.

Added to Roadmap

Themed Style Guides

Themed Relume Style Guides which you can use as the starting point of your next Relume Library project. Using Class Sync in the Relume Library Chrome Extension, components you paste in will become styled and match the Style Guide theme.

Added to Roadmap

Event Sections

Components which may be used for physical and digital events, as well as lead generation. Examples include Event Headers with prominent dates and locations as well as Sign Up and Registration Forms.

Added to Roadmap

Stats Sections

Sections to display statistics and metrics about your product or services.

Added to Roadmap
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